• Fiber Patch Cord Tracer
    Central offices and patch panel cabinets can be very compact, making fiber routing extremely dense. This can make it nearly impossible to identify a given fiber patch cord among large bundles of cables.
  • Solar Power Battery Charger
    "Solar Name Card Case" 3 in 1 Design, Patent No. M346213 not only has "solar panel for emergency charging", its technical specifications also includes the functions of "Travel Charger" and "Back-up exchangeable battery"...
  • Fiber Optic Network Equipment
    Fiber Optic Communication Equipment

    Telecom Bridge is a professional fiber optic manufacturer which has been dedicating to fiber optic communication equipment for years. We mainly supply a big selection of fiber optical equpments and accessories which include ODF, fiber optic patch cords, fiber adaptor, fiber optic cable, nickel sleeve, fiber optic enclosure and fiber jumper.