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Special Cable
Product Description:

Fiber Construction:

  • Center Stainless Steel Tube: stainless steel tube filled with filling compound, and 12/24/48C G652 Single-mode Fiber.
  • Sheath: cover a 0.6mm high-strength wire on the steel and covered with black polyolefin sheath.
  • Steel wire is being protected by sheath, and will not be exposed.


  • Suitable for Local Area Network.
  • Can be applied under aerial, pipe, and sewer environments.
  • Can also apply for direct-buried construction and reduces the prime cost of laying cable line.
Product Character
  • Center tube is stainless steel; enhance the protection of fiber and waterproof feature effectively.
  • Stainless center tube filled with filling compound to prevent the damage from hydrogen effectively.
  • Special double-layer steel wire and stainless tube design which is side-pressure resistant and is gopher protected.
  • 15C phosphate steel wire and stainless steel tube are combined together tightly; enhances the cable resistant strength, and has self-support ability without adding self-supported steel wire.
  • Tight fiber cable construction that enlarges the fiber counts of fiber cable.
  • Max. fiber counts: 48C
  • Small Cable O.D. which enhances its usage.
Product Specifications

Fiber Mechanical Features

Storage Temp. -40°C ~ +70°C
Operating Temp. -30°C ~ +60°C
Max. Working Pressure 1500N(Short Distance) / 600N(Long Distance)
Continuous Bending (EIA-FOTP-104) 30 Times
Continuous Impact (EIA-FOTP-25) 30 Times
Twist (EIA-FOTP-85) 10 Times
Squeeze (EIA-FOTP-41) (Short Distance)1000 N/100mm
Min. Bending Radius (Static) 20D (D:O.D.)
Min. Bending Radius (Active) 40D (D:O.D.)