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8CH Fiber Alarm Panel
Product Character
  • High capacity power protection.
  • Mounting brackets fit 19" and 23" racks with EIA Standard Rack.
  • Alarm functions/features in PCM are overload alert & power off.
  • Receiving up to 50 amps per feed/up to 15 amps per output.
  • Relay Isolation Protection Alarm Output.
  • Max. Input Load Rating, Continuous: 50 amps.
  • Single Feed 8 position
  • Interchangeable Fuse – Max. GMT Output Fuse (ea.): 15 amps.
  • Screw-Tight connectors, -48V, White.
Product Specifications
Item 19”(mm) 23”(mm)
Dimension 43(H)x 482(W) x 253(D) 43(H)x 584(W) x 240(D)
MAX SC50A(for each side)