1U 24C ODF Slide Type  

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  • 1U 24C ODF Slide Type
  • 1U 24C ODF Slide Type
  • 1U 24C ODF Slide Type
  • 1U 24C ODF Slide Type
Product Description:
  • Local Area Network
  • CATV Network
  • FTTX System
  • Wide Area Network
Product Character
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • High Reliability and Stability
  • Plastic Panel:
    1. More faster and more convenient way to change fiber adaptors, no need to screw adaptors onto the panel, simply insert the adaptors to the panel.
    2. 45° panel, can be changed according to the cable managing directions.
    3. When fiber count is below 24, blind covers can be purchased as options to prevent dust and bugs.
  • Fiber Cable Inlets/Outlets:
    There are two In/Out-lets hole in the back side, and two In/Out-let holes on the left and right side. They can be used according to the working environment.
  • Fiber Cable Holder:
    Fiber Cable is fixed by screw to tight. Instead of tighten with cable tie, this method is faster and much more solid.
Product Specifications


Body: 320(D) x 44(H) x 410(W) mm
Carton : 330(D) x 60(H) x 450(W) mm

Splice Tray

180mm x 110mm x 2pcs


Aluminum Alloy Plate


N.W.: 2.8Kg / G.W.: 3.2kg