Fiber Splice Sleeves  

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Product Character

  • Consist of cross linked polyolefin, hot fusion tubing and stainless Reinforcing steel rod.
  • Keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber.
  • Provide strength and protection to optical fiber splices.
  • Easily use and avoid any damages to the optical fiber during installation.
  • Clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage.
  • Sealing structure make the splice free from effect of temperature and humidity from environment.
  • Operating fully recovery temperature: -45 °C ~ 1000°C
  • Minimum fully recovery temperature: 12045 °C

Product Specifications


Test Method

Typical Data

Tensile Strength

ASTM D 2671

18 MPa

Ultimate Elongation

ASTM D 2671



ISO R1183 D


Dielectric Strength

IEC 243


Dielectric Constant

IEC 243


Longitudinal Change

ASTM D 2671